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Looking for Multiplayer Matches

Discussion started by markblake , on 16 August 09:47 AM

Hey there,

I recently started trying to play this game online. However, it seems fairly difficult to find a match, and I'm not sure why.

Generally when I log on there are roughly 32-36 players online and 10-12 games going. So there are maybe a dozen players waiting in the lobby. But no one is ever hosting a game to be joined, and, when I host games, I can wait for half an hour without anyone joining. I've tried advertising my games using the chat feature with little response. As such I've played only four games across, I don't know, six to eight sessions.

Do people only play against their Steam friends? Are people turned off by the fact I'm only a 2nd Lieutenant? Are there certain scenarios which are preferred?

What is everyone doing in the lobby when they're not playing games?



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