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Callanetics 30 Day Countdown

Discussion started by markblake , on 14 August 11:05 AM

I just wanted to chime in to say I finished the 30 day Countdown! I did it in about 45 days as I had to take days off because of illness (I had a bad cold sore/throat halfway through and then I got a skin virus that knocked the wind out of me). During the 30 days, I did some cardio during phase 1 and phase 2 (I had 7 to 10 days where I added in 15-20 minutes cardio, which is a lot LESS than I usually do). I didn't add cardio during phase 3 because I didn't have time and I was wiped from the phase 3 workout. Phase 3 is really tough and I got through by taking all the beginner modifications on offer. I think it will take many months to really master this level.

This was my very first exposure to Callanetics. Note that apart from a bit of cardio, I did the countdown exclusively.

Here are my results:

I think this is the fastest my body has responded to a program. I'm not saying I look like Lacey Kondi by any means, but I see differences in:

- my legs - they are stronger, with a little less cellulite (I still have cellulite, probably a lot of it, but it's less!). I had yet to find a program to help my sad looking legs, but I feel they are finally starting to tone now.

- flexibility - I have increased my flexibility and I can really feel a difference there. With the open-leg stretch, I could never, ever get my head to the floor. Now I can, without forcing. I think it's because my hips are a lot looser.


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